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Set In Stone

We are a small bespoke concrete design company that is passionate about making beautiful and useful objects that serve and enrich lives. Our focus is more than just beautiful objects. We are doing our part in developing a culture and mindset that values the individual and the work of his or her hand. We have a heritage of making in this country; a heritage that is largely being devalued and romanticized. And as far as we are concerned, this is not acceptable. We think the objects one surrounds themselves with should enrich their lives, bring daily enjoyment, and provide worth more than just basic utility. Life is so much more than just what we own and what we own should be so much more than just stuff. Are we not nauseated by mass produced plastic perfection? How much better the process and product of hand craftsmanship. It connects us all to our own humanity and to each other. We are fighting the good fight against modern cynicism and jaded consumerist culture. Our concrete tells a story; a story of locality, community, and life. It is distinctive, versatile, and reliable; a reflection of our humanness.

We love concrete, we love steel, and we love the craftsmanship both require. Our personal fondness is borne out of their versatility and honesty. Unlike the lifeless petrochemical options (think plastic), concrete and steel show the maker’s hand, weather beautifully and last long enough to tell stories of lives well lived. Similar to other natural materials, they only get better with age and use. Our work is not for everyone and we are good with that; we build for ourselves and those that share our love for richness, quality, and longevity. The way we see it, what we choose to surround ourselves with should be simple, functional, and be around for generations. If you share our point of view we humbly offer our work for your consideration.