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Ostracon provides digital investigation, litigation support and expert witness services. We extract the digital traces left behind in mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Data Recovery

Damaged devices, accidental deletions, or both. We are able to go into cell phones and computers to recover this lost information. Our projects range from recovering GPS data, call logs, and text for court cases to recovering family photos and videos from your cell phone.

Data Mapping

We organize the data and information into a manageable system for review. Based on keywords or tags, we are able to siphon through all of the files, emails, etc… and organize it into a more manageable and viewable format.

Data Extraction

We extract and organize information from both computers and cell phones. With cell phones, we are able to extract text messages, call logs, GPS, photos, and any other information the it may have for us. With computers, we are able to pull logs, emails and other messaging, downloads, and general history.

Keyword Search and Filtering

Review and tag files based on the keywords pertinent to the case. Filter through the files to determine those that are relevant or specific to to certain issues within the case.